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About Us

Foshan Yixiong ventilation equipment professional production and sales PVC flexible duct, explosion-proof air duct, high temperature pipe, duct insulation, airports and other types of flexible duct pipe industry as well as supporting direct portable axial fans, plastic fans, explosion-proof fans carpet hair dryer ventilation equipment. The company has advanced equipment and experienced technical staff. Committed to developing new products. Products are widely used: blower poor working environment engineering, shipbuilding machinery, municipal construction, mining, cabin, air conditioning, fire rescue and other laboratory exhaust to achieve to provide a good working environment and personnel safety.
Division I adhere to the quality first, the customer first, integrity, preferential prices, won the trust of customers, products exported to foreign markets.

Recommended Products

negative flexible duct
Suction duct with flame-retardant PVC mesh with parcel tape and wear ……

Conductive and explosion-proof flexible duct
Anti-static flexible duct,1,Material: PVC flam-resistant static-free(FRAS) ……

Air conditioning air duct
It has less heat loss, environmental protection no stimulation, no smell……

portable ventilation fan

Lightweight, easy to move, excellent performance, strong suction……

Portable Plastic ventilation Fan
Plastic fan Features:lightweight, easy to move, high-pressure axial flow, suction power……

Portable fan ventilation duct
Tear acid, corrosion resistance, waterproof, fire retardant, heat, cold, environmental ……